Welcome to the Club!

We're on a mission to revolutionise and create a new social media network and we want you to be part of it.

*Please note that you must first become Bronze Level Club member before you can request any free feature. Any FavoBoys Club member could be featured for free on @FavoBoys Instagram account ( at our sole discretion. We strongly recommend before buying any of this membership levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) to contact us and provide your Instagram account for consideration and approval. You will need to contact us here ( by sending a message to FavoBoys account. If you already have (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) level but we had rejected your free feature(s) on a @FavoBoys account, then we will convert your free feature(s) to FavoBoys Ltd company C Ordinary shares at the following rate: Silver Level - 15 C Ordinary shares; Gold Level - 45 C Ordinary shares; Platinum Level - C 100 Ordinary shares. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse feature request(s) at our sole discretion.

**Every FavoBoys Club member will receive a certain amount of FavoBoys Limited company Ordinary shares depending on the membership level. FavoBoys Limited is registered in England & Wales, company number 10567445, registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ. The Company is offering C Ordinary shares to FavoBoys Club members. Ranks equally with B Ordinary Shares in every respect (including the right to participate in dividends and capital distributions), save that C Ordinary Shares do not have any voting or pre-emption rights. FavoBoys Club members investing any amount will hold such C Ordinary shares through a nominee, which will be the registered holder of the legal title to the shares, with the beneficial interest being owned by the individual FavoBoys Club members. At any time you can upgrade your membership level, therefore, you will be allocated an additional amount of company Ordinary shares. You can also request any amount of additional company Ordinary shares by contacting us. In such case, you will need to contact us here ( by sending a message to FavoBoys account.

***You will receive £5 bonus in new developed social network code-named "FavoFriends".

Bronze Level

Bonze Level members will receive - Free feature @FavoBoys at our sole discretion*; 1 company share**; £5 bonus***.

Silver Level

Silver Level members will receive - 1 guaranteed free feature @FavoBoys within 48 hours*; 5 company shares**; £5 bonus***.

Gold Level

Gold Level members will receive - 2 guaranteed free features @FavoBoys (First guaranteed free feature within 48 hours*. Second guaranteed free feature within 3 weeks.); 25 company shares**; £5 bonus***.

Platinum Level

Platinum Level members will receive - 5 guaranteed free features @FavoBoys (First guaranteed free feature within 48 hours*. The rest guaranteed free features within 15 weeks.); 50 company shares**; £5 bonus***.

Last updated on: 25 January 2018